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Bite-sized stories.

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when love dies

nail scissors

everything must go

the manor

portrait of a dying virginia pine

the overwhelm

untitled memories

catching naomi's daughter



obligations of the dead

the yellow pearl

playing ball

the dirge

when fredo broke the guillotine

the gatekeeper


my warbler

dear sir

gone fishing


Meet the Editors


Caroline Seitz (Co-Editor), is a Spanish and English major at Amherst College originally from Nashville, Tennessee. She is extremely passionate about storytelling, with particular interests in contemporary Southern literature, women’s voices, and Spanish language texts. She has written several short stories, essays, and multi-genre works, and has directed two plays with Amherst College’s student-run theater company, The Antipodes by Annie Baker in fall of 2020 and Blue Fog Risin’ by Sally Seitz in fall of 2019, in addition to acting in many others. As a writer, reader, editor, director, actor, and student, Caroline is committed to making stories accessible.

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Luke Herzog (Co-Editor), originally from Pacific Grove, California, is a student studying English and Theater at Amherst College in Massachusetts. Luke has written several ten-minute plays and short films, as well as three published sci-fi/fantasy novels — Dragon Valley, Griffin Blade and the Bronze Finger, and Continuum. In addition, he partnered with a composer classmate to conceive and produce a full-length musical. In 2019, Luke was one of 20 artists in the country chosen as a Presidential Scholar in the Arts and honored at the Kennedy Center.